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Wiking blood in my veins

I always dream of northern lands

Of dales covered with grass

and mountain tops covered with snow

Nobody told me , but I know

That there is something which connect me

With branch and roots of Ygdrassil tree

I feel in heart voice of stories old

Of gods and giants and heros from war

Of Odin , Balder , Frey and Thor

I always think of mysteries of old

Of stone pillars and forgotten graves

And runes carved in the stone

Which tell the story of warrior dead

I see in dreams like I were here

Dracar ship riding on the waves

Going to war or to voyage

To gave to kin new land to live

In my sky ride windy god

Odin on Sleipnir horse

Followed by ravens and the wolf

I know in my veins is viking blood

I know that something connect me

With warriors of german blood

Who fallen in old and recent times

Far from the home in steppes of east

But now is not the our time

When might is right and virtue good

today is time of merchant and clerk

When there is no honor or heroes

When gold is greater than blood

And word stronger than sword

Weaklings become kings of the earth

There is no place for brave heart

For death in battle on way to walhalla

But only dishonor and slavery in dirt

But maybe once time would come

When again viking kin would arise

Under banner of Odin arise in glory

And lead true people to victory !

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